My partner in the VBN, Mark Hodder, came across a very unique organization called Operation Key West. He was so impressed that the VBN is now one of their sponsors.

As a father I can’t imagine the anguish and pain of losing a child but to think of losing a child while you are in the military and possibly deployed is unimaginable to me. And this is where Operation Key West (OKW) steps in. They send couples that have lost a child to a vacation destination for recreation and therapy.

Christopher Brogan is the Child Life Specialist at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA. His role is to comfort and care for the military parents that are dealing with a terminally ill child while they are being treated at PNH. Due to his experience with parents that have been involved with OKW he stated that for the first time ever, he can have a conversation that is positive with people that have been living in a world of sadness.

Operation Key West has a huge positive impact on those individuals that have experienced the worst that life has to offer-the loss of their child. Christopher summed it up very well by stating that, “as with all of these special families, the potential impact on positive coping is significant! OKW is making such a therapeutic impact!”

Head to the Key West Project and participate!

Steve White