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Is it time to take your organization to the next level?

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In a recent Minute with Maxwell message, John defined a coach as "..someone who can come alongside of you and can correct you without criticizing..." Learn More >>


Leadership Assessment

This tool is designed to garner feedback from you and others around you to identify areas and opportunities for your leadership growth... Learn More >>

Mastermind Groups

There is synergy of energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to a mastermind group. My facilitated groups offer a combination of masterminding... Learn More >>

Speaking & Workshops

I will provide effective team communication and structure that is important for forging relationships equipping your team with the proper attitudes to develop leaders... Learn More >>



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Four Steps for Effective Career Shifting

Four Steps for Effective Career Shifting

in Consulting_Recruiting, Education, Marketing

Don’t be a wondering generality willing to accept whatever pays the bills. Instead, be specific and decide what you want for your life—and the lives of those around you. Four steps to get going: Reconnect, Decide, Take the first step, Dream again.

It’s Not The Economy, It's You

It’s Not The Economy, It's You

in Consulting_Recruiting, Education, Marketing

In every economy there are people who wear nice clothes, live in nice homes, drive nice cars, and take exotic vacations; and there are people who struggle to “make ends meet”...The difference is not the economy. It's you.


1 Review
Great coach!

Patrick gives you leadership perspective without giving you the answers. His coaching allows you to dive into yourself and create change/transform yourself as well as your organization! Highly recommend!

August 2020

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