It’s Not The Economy, It's You

To grow your value, you must gain absolute clarity, understand that growth cost both time and money, and be willing to give up so you can grow up.

In 1992, James Carville coined the phrase, “it’s the economy, stupid” as one of three focal strategies Bill Clinton would use to successfully unseat President George H W Bush. If you think it’s the economy, don’t expect your campaign for growth to be as successful as Bill Clinton’s campaign for President.

In every economy there are people who wear nice clothes, live in nice homes, drive nice cars, and take exotic vacations; and there are people who struggle to “make ends meet”. Regardless of the times, some people will always struggle; others will always thrive. The difference between the one who thrives and the one who strives is not the economy. It’s you. How you interpret and respond to circumstances in your life determines your outcomes, whether times are good or bad.

2009 was perceived to be the worst recession since the Great Depression. Bankruptcies and foreclosures reached an all-time high. The Federal deficit achieved record high levels, and unemployment skyrocketed beyond anything we had ever seen. Yet, the top 1% increased their personal wealth to $1.9 trillion dollars. How is that possible? It’s simple. It’s not the economy.

The top 1% acknowledges, accepts and focuses on their purpose; they are not distracted and drawn in by the events of the day. Rather, they strategically create the events necessary to propel their lives and their agendas onward and upward. Unlike Simba—from Walt Disney’s Lion King—the top 1% do not spend their days running about singing “hakuna matata”. They know who they are. They understand their value and the unique genius they bring to the world. They are steadfast in their role as the King of Pride Rock. There is no wavering, no confusion, and no lack of clarity about what their purpose is. Their purpose is well defined. Their purpose is their focus; it is the guiding focus of everything they perceive and do.

The top 1% have more because they do more to add value to more people. They do not sit around wishing and hoping for things to change. They change things. They change things by constantly changing themselves. They are not just busy. The top 1% are busy realigning their priorities with their purpose and their passion. They are busy reinventing themselves. They are busy readjusting their strategy and their plan of action. They are busy looking for ways to be better tomorrow than they are today. They are busy being intentional about growing. They recognize that it’s not the economy and they understand their value. As such, they invest in themselves and in their unique genius. They reflect and assess the lessons they have learned, and they take strategic action designed to add more value to the world around them.

The top 1% operates in an environment that is conducive to growth. They channel their resources to ensure that the environment in which they work and live is the one they choose. That is, they control the design of their life. They manage the bad times as well as they manage the good times. They remain in a state-of-being that enhances their growth and extends their vision for the future. They recognize that growth cost, but it pays for itself. They understand how to create and operate from a mindset of abundance. The top 1% spends the time and the money to break through the pain and the tension of where they are to get to where they want to be. They lead themselves and they lead others in a path that is onward and upward.

My mentor and friend, Dr John C Maxwell, asserts that “everything rises and falls on leadership”. The top 1% recognizes that leadership is influence. Rather than allowing the economy to influence—and lead—them, the top 1% lead themselves. That is, they practice self discipline. While others perceive change as hardship or trouble, the top 1% sees change as opportunity. In essence, they see things as better than they are and they make things as they see them by sticking to those strategies and actions that made them the top 1%. They are not tossed to and fro by what is going on around them. They are steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work that aligns with their purpose and their passion. They remain open and curious to changes, and they ask the questions necessary to stimulate growth and expand their capacity to be more, do more and have more, so that they can give more of their unique genius to the world.

Once you decide that you no longer want be tossed by the winds of change (or the economy) and you desire to grow your life, you must gain absolute clarity about your purpose—why are you here. You must understand that growth cost both time and money. You must be willing to do more—and pay more—to add value to yourself and to others. And, you cannot be afraid to give up what you have and who you are in exchange for what you want and who you were meant to be. Take charge and lead yourself with absolute certainty. Recognize that you cannot do it alone. Surround yourself with someone who lifts you up, encourages you, and shares your vision. Be extreme and step into your greatness. If the top 1% can do it, so can you. It’s simple, not easy. It’s not the economy. It’s you. To get started, contact Patrick E Alcorn at 214.606.9034 or email

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17 Aug 2020

By Patrick E Alcorn